Car maintenance doesn't have to be perceived as cheap or unsophisticated to be within pricing range. We feel it is attitude and experience that changes the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Capitol Shine
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Logo Development, Brand Indentity, Corporte Identity, Art Direction, Digital Design, Web Development

In a high commuting culture, car maintenance and appearance are strongly desired. Capitol Shine is the premier car maintenance business in the DC Metro area. Their focus is to service the entire Washington, D.C. area with locations in corporate & commercial buildings, golf courses, malls and parks. The rebranding strategy was to change the consumer's perception of how a car wash service appears and behaves, all while creating a car service that appeals to a wide, professional demographic.  

We created a simple, iconic mark that easily communicates the business vision, its approachable aesthetic and attainable price point to the entire community. The colors, lines and gestures of the brand identity are friendly and playful, yet sophisticated.  Our scope included: identity development, collateral, uniform design, advertising design, website design and development.