Digital media continues to proliferate the web and our lives. We created an identity that reflects the same progression and dynamic culture while maintaining structure to a young firm on the rise.

Click Play Films
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Logo Development, Corporate Identity, Web Design, Web Development

Our challenge was to create an identity for a digital media production company utilizing the global iconography of video playback. We explored and discussed the gestural condition of today's technology and contemplated the use of the index finger, play symbol and mouse cursor as part of the identity. Using all of these seemed a bit confusing so we opted to develop an integrated mark with two triangular symbols in the play button and the mouse cursor. The mark is simple yet recognizable to communicate digital media. From our initial meetings, we always discussed the global recognition of a "play" button and the screen cursor and felt that they were strong identifiers of the digital media. The mark, combined with a strong logotype of the business name give weight and presence to Click Play Films. 

The simplicity of the logo allowed us to implement it into their videos as the symbol to begin watching the digital media which they produce. Their corporate identity and website design establishes a strong palette to reflect their dynamic and progressive ideas to digital media production.