The creative process into developing a campaign like this must have a strategy and a tremendous effort from a collaborative team. These illustrations are carefully hand crafted layers that bring to life these top performer athletes.

Gatorade Benefits
CLIENT: Gatorade
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Illustration, Art Direction, Digital Painting

Gatorade’s brand belief is that the top athletic performers are driven from the inside out. In search of energizing their Summer print campaign, we worked with TBWA/Chiat/Day to unfold a dynamic set of illustrations that carry this #winfromwithin message. 

Working with three premier athletes, we tailored the artwork to bring forth energy and texture from the center of the canvas, where the Gatorade product stands, into the outside of the composition. This strategy allowed us to keep the product a focal point while reinforcing the benefit of the product onto the athlete. Giving each artist a burst of energy from within proved to be the catalyst element that gave power to each composition. Giving Dwayne Wade fire, Kevin Durant lightning annd Serena Williams ice made the athletes bigger than life. To further communicate the message, we used typography to render the idea of each athlete. The short slogans also help unify texture and motion into the compositions.