The identity of Osteria Marzano carries the traits of regional Italian cuisine and the history of the chef who carries the Marzano last name. We designed around the comfort of their menu and the sophistication of the architecture.

Osteria Marzano
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Corporate Identity, Logo Development, Menu Design, Uniform Design, Environmental Graphics, Signage

Osteria Marzano brings the sharing and warm hospitality of Italy to the suburbs outside Washington, D.C. In a region which continues to grow with sophistication, our challenge was to create an identity which had the appeal of an upscale city restaurant but with the comfort and warmth of your neighborhood restaurant. We worked in collaboration with the architects to ensure that the identity kept the sophistication and movement they had envisioned for the space.

We wanted to give interest to the Marzano name not only because the chef and owner carries the last name but also because the San Marzano tomato holds such a strong presence of flavor and distinctiveness through the culinary world. We continued the angular movements throughout their corporate stationery system and small detail in the menu system. We continued with consistency elaborating custom restroom symbols and environmental elements in the restaurant.