Modeling is all about lines; it's using the body to pursue an image that conveys many emotions. These postures, positions and angles drove our inspiration to an architectural mark that reflects the client. 

Model Kruse
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Logo Development, Web Design, Stationery, Web Development

A young, aspiring model and actress came to us to develop her personal identity in order to further strengthen her visual consistency as she is represented with different projects throughout the country. 

Currently working on modeling contracts, online mini-series and a feature film, Michelle needed a consistent identity and a platform to archive her portfolio in the arts and entertainment. A simple logo using her name initials sets the tone for strong leading lines and structure. The color palette brings a feminine but strong experience to her identity and the website carries the same structural system to simplify and present her photography clearly and effectively. Due to the nature of her work, we made the web experience responsive so anyone can access her work from any device.