"Welcome to the first online crowdsourcing platform dedicated exclusively to architecture, design and real estate: Prodigy Design Lab."

Prodigy Design Lab
CLIENT: Prodigy Network
YEAR: 2014
NEED: Identity, Web Design, Web Development, UX, Strategy

Prodigy Design Lab is a platform for crowdsourcing ideas into the future of real estate, architecture and interiors. The client wanted to interact with the global network of talent to drive innovation in their invested properties across the globe. Our goal was to create an easy to use platform that informs users on the opportunity but also engages them to participate via interactions with other creative professionals, mentors and prizes.

The result was a clean and flexible design that is built for growth. With its own content management system, the community manager can monitor traffic, interactions, additions to the website and control any changes needed to enhance the experience and inform the users. A unique product, design and development for the first of its kind, Prodigy Design Lab will continue to grow its features and capabilities with more interesting projects and a larger user base in years to come.