"What we do is simple. It's all about giving investors access to what we believe is the best real estate in the world." 
Rodrigo Niño, CEO.

Prodigy Network
CLIENT: Prodigy Network
YEAR: 2014
NEED: UX, UI, Visual Design, Development, Strategy, Art Direction, Product Development

Prodigy Network’s crowd-investing model was developed as an innovative way to give smaller investors access to large real estate assets. Prodigy Network and its affiliates have led six international and U.S.-based projects, raised more than $300 million from 6,200 investors around the world, and are currently developing projects globally with a projected value of more than $850 million. 

Our goal at ROCK3RS was to develop an easy to navigate and comprehensive platform that gives confidence to potential investors while communicating the values and culture of Prodigy Network. With high end real estate projects in NYC, we wanted to convey not only luxury in the crowd funding and crowd investing space but  also an engaging experience for all potential investors from across the globe.