The client wanted an identity system that highlighted his use and love for the signature polka dot print of Mihara Yasuhiro's Puma collaboration and Comme des Garcons.

Ric Identity
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Logo Development, Stationery System, Web Development

With ample travel, keynote presentations and his own private work, Ric Hernandez needed a personal identity system to separate business from pleasure. ROCK3RS developed a simple and elegant system that brings forward his love for the polka dot print popular with Mihara Yasuhiro's Puma collaboration and Comme des Garcons.

The system uses a basic black and white color palette and introduces the Kraft paper texture to warm up the elements and break it up. The circular logo mark keeps the structure of the polka dot pattern and adds a casual tone with its whimsical typography. The retro and classic mix creates an interesting balance depending on how you balance its ratio of use. Keeping the polka dot pattern dominant and the logo mark as an accent gives the system sophistication and crispness.