Traditionally, Thai people wear the correct color for the particular day of the week. There has been a revival for using gold for wealth and pink for health. We wanted to bring together these colors to create a bold and energetic identity.

Tom Yum District
AGENCY: Collective Architecture
YEAR: 2013
NEED: Brand Identity, Signage, Branded Environments, Environmental Graphics, Illustration, Iconography, Logo Development

Bangkok food culture traces back to the 15th century when the city became a major trading post. Trading brought the city immense culture, diversity and complexity. Our team used this rich history as an opportunity to highlight the flavors, textures and culture of Bangkok in a modern fast-casual environment where quality of food, value of product and experience merge into one.

We worked closely with the client and architects to develop not only a new brand, but also a new branded environment for this Thai fast-casual concept. We developed custom Thai traditional floral patterns and laser-cut them in metal panels to bring texture to the storefront and feature wall. We also took a similar pattern and created a super-graphic of the logo and made it into a wallcovering to add interest to the restroom path. To bring an element of today's Bangkok, we designed a photo grid wallcovering of images from street food vendors in the city streets and placed it right along the dining wall so all customers can explore.