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Brands are shaped, built and managed around a complex set of associations that people have with a company, product, service, individual or organization. Our designers play a vital role in creating your distinct identity and personality into a comprehensive system. This system shapes these associations through a set of customer touchpoints that go well beyond the visual and into culture, processes, value and messaging.


You have a business to worry about, let us help you create the proper platform for your business to thrive and connect with customers. Our passion is to communicate those to potential customers.


Brand Identity

Your service and/or product is communicated and enriched by words, images, feelings and colors. Our designers shape these outward elements into a cohesive system that narrates a story and reaches an audience. Communicating your service, product quality, benefits and value helps establish your brand identity proposition. Collaborating with our clients, we shape their vision into elegant solutions.


Corporate Identity

Companies grow, shift, change and adapt. In a vast landscape of entities and options, people often need visual triggers to remember something or someone. We create your company's visual presence, which involves the corporate logo, stationery and design strategy for corporate marketing collateral. These elements help you stand out from other organizations, present yourself to stakeholders and project a unique proposition to potential customers.


Brand Management Tools

Guidelines and templates

Every identity system needs a consistent pilot. An identity system without well defined guidelines and tools can only go so far. Defining and designing your visual identity guidelines and templates for everyday use are essential for brand coherence -  sustainability of image and clarity of message. Your organization will use these elements constantly and many different people will handle them, these guidelines and templates help everyone be on the same direction (north), they are as elegant and thoughtful as your visual identity.


Messaging Strategy

At the core of your philosophy is the desire to serve your audiences. Messaging is a vital expression of your brand strategy and a powerful tool to connect with your audience. Through messaging we attain an appropriate tone of voice, inspire confidence in your brand and connect you to their needs. Not only do we have visual designers but also wordsmiths to shape your story. People need to see, read and hear who you are in order to build trust.


Your identity lives in a two and three-dimensional world. Taking a closer look at a three-dimensional space as closely as your printed and online material is crucial to a successful and cohesive identity platform.  After all, successful branding is about much more than the logo, images and colors people see, it is about an overall experience, visual and spatial.


Environmental graphic communications

Your visual identity lives on printed material, digital platforms but it must also play a role in your architectural space. Your physical experience plays a vital role in the perception of your identity and how people make a sense of place while occupying it. We develop graphics that may incorporate architectural elements to help create a sense of place and spatial organization. From our experience, people often leave with these in their mind as we help architects and interior designers tell the story, highlight feature moments and orient people in space.


Whether you are a restaurant, retail or corporate client, we develop expressive graphics to communicate your identity in public lobbies, restroom walls, feature walls, conference centers, core and corridors. Our one-of-a-kind graphic interpretations give your space the character and individuality of your brand strategy and provides a pleasant environment for those who use it. 


Signage systems and way-finding

Your identity needs a comprehensive program to project itself to the outside world via signage and displays but also help orient your internal occupants. We design signage systems and way-finding elements using spatial and environmental information to find one’s way in the built environment. It can also be defined from the standpoint of the designer or owner and operator seeking to establish or improve the function of a particular environment. Way-finding is not a separate or different activity from traditional signage design, but rather a broader, more inclusive way of assessing all the environmental issues that affect our ability to find our way.


Your brand is often search, asked about, look upon or simply told about. Whether it’s through a search or word of mouth, it conveys an attitude, a philosophy and a personality not only through you but through your digital platforms including web, mobile and social.  These environments project your brand's digital experience with potential customers. New communication channels emerge and with change comes the opportunity to reach, engage and connect your brand with its audience.


Digital Design

Shaping an interface that speaks to your brand and identity is considerably one of the most important aspects of your business. How you brand looks and behaves on the web, via desktop or mobile device, is critical to brand coherence and engagement. We create one of a kind designs that inspire confidence and delight users with every pixel.


Mobile & Emerging Platforms

You are busy, we are busy and your audience is busy. That means that having a presence through our mobile platforms is crucial to staying connected and engaged. We help you strategize your presence online though responsive sites, mobile experiences and apps to delight audiences with your brand.


Social Media

Lets be honest, if you are not on the web you don't exist. Your customer's innate impulse is to find you everywhere and anywhere online. We shape this presence online through a comprehensive strategy that connects your goals to the customer's desire to connect with you. ROCK3RS connects brands with consumers by building communities, reaching influencers, and developing user-centric content.


Content Management Systems

We create tailored solutions for simplicity and ease­-of­-use to help manage your brand content online. We can scale from off­-the­-shelf solutions to enterprise­-level custom configured systems.


Content Development & Marketing

We take a strategic approach to creating and marketing your content as an asset to your brand and business goals. Digital equity is based on exceptional content to their users and the ability for them to see it. ROCK3RS creates engaging PowerPoint presentations, shareable graphics for social platforms, animations, infographics and editorial content required for vibrant digital communication and brand equity. 


Web Development

ROCK3RS takes pride in beautiful hand-written code. To our designers and programmers, user experience, design and framework must harmonize to create effective products. Sure, we like elegant websites, but smart design also means performance, simplicity, reliability, adaptability and scalability.