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1600 Market Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
45,000 sq. ft.

Experiential Graphics

Revitalizing History: A Journey Through Philadelphia's Iconic Building Amenity Space


Embarking on a mission to transform an iconic Philadelphia building's amenity space, our challenge was to create an identity and experiential graphics that not only paid homage to the city's rich history but also left visitors pleasantly surprised. The goal was to craft an experience that seamlessly merged the past with the demands of the present workplace culture.

The Challenge:

Nestled in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, the task at hand was to breathe new life into the amenity space of a historic building on Market Street. The challenge was twofold – to honor the city's storied past while infusing a bold, unexpected element that would captivate and engage visitors.

The Solution:

Our approach delved into the depths of Market Street's history, uncovering old photos that served as the foundation for our spatial branding and graphics. These images were transformed into extraordinary, larger-than-life displays, creating a captivating link between the past and the future. Drawing inspiration from pop art and Philadelphia's urban art scene, we introduced one-of-a-kind invader characters that playfully photo-bombed the historical portraits. This unique relationship seamlessly weaves into the urban fabric of Philadelphia, forming a dynamic and visually stunning experience.

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