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Fordham University

New York, New York
80,000 sq. ft.

Experiential Graphics

Optimizing Campus Navigation: Signage and Wayfinding Solutions for Fordham University, Lincoln Center.


While Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus buildings are visibly identifiable from the outside, a streamlined internal signage and wayfinding system was notably absent. Despite the exterior's navigability, the interconnected interior arteries pose challenges for efficient navigation. Recognizing the need to alleviate anxiety and frustrations stemming from the lack of directional information within the architectural interiors, our focus was to enhance pedestrian guidance through a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system.


Our innovative solution involved the development of a multi-layered informational and navigational system seamlessly integrated across the entire campus. Extensive studies were conducted, ranging from addressing the entry points in midtown Manhattan to creating campus maps for marketing materials. These studies played a crucial role in establishing a cohesive palette that would be consistently applied to the signage and wayfinding system.