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Hot Dog Pete’s

Atlanta, Georgia
900 sq. ft.

Brand Identity
Environmental Graphics
Architectural Consulting

Hot Dog Pete's: A Flavorful Journey into Southern Hot Dog Tradition


Hot dogs, an iconic American culinary treasure shaped by diverse cultural influences, remain a beloved staple with an ever-evolving array of recipes. In the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, the hot dog scene thrives, particularly influenced by a vibrant Greek immigrant population that has mastered the art of food purveyance for generations.

The Challenge:

Our mission was to breathe new life into the history of a local hot dog brand, Hot Dog Pete's, catering to the dynamic tastes of a new generation. As the brand geared up for expansion into Atlanta and aimed for a broader demographic, the need to reimagine its identity became paramount. Hot Dog Pete's sought a fresh image while staying true to the nostalgic roots of Americana culture.

The Solution:

Hot Dog Pete's embarked on a journey of revitalization with a brand approach rooted in craftsmanship, happiness, and community. The specialized hot dog concept underwent a transformation to appeal to a cool, forward-thinking audience. This endeavor aimed to capture the essence of Americana nostalgia while presenting a modern and community-centric identity.

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14 / We created a diverse range of graphic assets to keep the brand fresh and new.

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