Every day we focus on providing our clients with highly precise data in a cost effective manner. We need to start looking like we belong with the data and technology we provide our clients.

YEAR: 2015
NEED: Identity Development, Brand Design, Web Design, Web Development

Saltus, LLC specializes in construction vibration and monitoring services for the New York City area. They work with developers, engineers and architects closely documenting vibrations, visual abnormalities and effects to surrounding structures and buildings.

Saltus approached us to rebrand their identity system and corporate website. Narrowing in on Saltus expertise of data monitoring, we utilized the amplitude graphic representation to encapsulate a direct signifier to a core product to their services. This approach makes it clear, direct and effective to connect their brand to their market and clients. We developed a new color palette that is young, energetic, technology driven while still using a common color for warning in construction.